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Monte Vista San Antonio Tx Architecture Heritage

large porchesOne of our favorite spots in San Antonio is the historical area of Monte Vista. The size of many small towns in America, Monte Vista is now home to approximately 3,000 people.  It’s located about one and a half miles north of downtown San Antonio, Inside Loop 410.

Most of Monte Vista’s original residential properties were built between 1890 and the mid 1930′s, during the what was, at the time, referred to as San Antonio Housings “Gilded Age.”

When Monte Vista was established during the late nineteenth century, most of the architects in the US (especially in the well established North East) were designing and building homes reminiscent of Europe.   These home styles didn’t translate well for the warm San Antonio climate – and because of that, and the budgets of those willing to fuel the new community, Monte Vista profited from larger windows, sometimes as large as a door, and ceilings that were much higher to allow warm air to rise.220 w elsmere place built in 1925

Most, if not all of the homes originally built during this time frame in the Monte Vista Neighborhood also have bedrooms positioned on the southeast corner of the homes – to catch the gulf breeze in the pre- air conditioned times.  Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial Revival homes reminiscent of Southern California and Spain were also adapted to fit within the early San Antonio Monte Vista landscape.  Some of the Architects, Designers and Builder / Development teams came from Colorado, and with them, a “Monte Vista Craftsman” was introduced.

In applying for it’s Historical status, one historian noted that “Monte Vista is a sort of time capsule.”  By the time the Depression arrived, the neighborhood was virtually complete.  Unlike other neighborhoods of the era in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin – Remarkably, Monte Vista did not suffer the decline and destruction that wiped out other neighborhoods.

Monte Vista Homes Available Today:


In April of 2012, there are currently 3 properties available in Monte Vista over the million dollar mark, one of them built in 1925.  There are 7 properties for sale between a million and $500,000 – four of them were built between 1912 and 1927.  All in all, there are currently only 26 properties currently for sale within the Monte Vista neighborhood.

Want to see if one of these Monte Vista Homes is perfect for you?  Call the Real Estate Muse Team at 210-332-0310!  We’d love to introduce you to the Monte Vista neighborhood, and homes Inside Loop 410!

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